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40 under 40

PR Week’s 40 Under 40, 2017


The Ernst and Young Entrepreneurial Winning Women, 2018


CEO and Founder of EvolveMKD


ForbesBooks Featured Author

University of Chicago

First ever recipient of the Early Career Achievement Award from the University of Chicago.

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Meet Megan

Megan Driscoll is the Founder and CEO EvolveMKD, a public relations and social media agency based in New York City. She has received many industry awards and honors including a feature on PRWeek’s 40 Under 40 List. Driscoll is on a mission to reveal the integrity and importance behind public relations as well as the clients she serves.

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There are some professions that we can easily understand; a chef cooks, a teacher teaches. Public relations, however, is not widely grasped. Through her presentations, Megan Driscoll illuminates the world of PR. Driscoll provides audiences across the country with the tools they need to help entrepreneurs change the world for the better. In the process, she outlines the skills needed to run a top-tier organization and how women can run the c-suite.

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#Resolve To Evolve: How being Personal About Business Can Help it Grow

In #Resolve to Evolve, Megan Driscoll upends the misconceptions surrounding public relations. PR is not meant to be a spin machine; it is a way to connect the world with life-changing entrepreneurs. Her book serves to inspire the next generation of PR leaders and outlines best practices for those who hope to excel in this space.

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