Your PR and Social Media Approach is More Spin than Substance!

Don’t worry! It’s natural for PR firms to fall into the spin cycle, but it’s important to recognize when it’s time to break the wheel and start the work of building a world-class PR firm. Start by changing how you think of PR. Spinning is another word for lying, and that’s not the business you want to be in. Instead, think in terms of connecting your most important clients to the prominence that can help grow their reputation and help you grow your business. 

You are doing well and positioned to make a big difference in how you handle your PR and social media. In my book, I address what works in modern PR and social—and what doesn’t. Take a look inside, see what drives the industry today, and where it’s going [Link to book].

If you are looking for a tailored approach, one in-tune with who you and your clients are, let’s talk.

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