Your PR and Social Media Approach Needs to Evolve!

It’s time for an overhaul. Modern PR isn’t about tabloid drama or spinning every undesirable story into fool’s gold. To make the changes necessary to break the bad habits of your business, reframe your PR goals. You don’t just want your client to survive the next storm, you want them to rise above it. You don’t just want that book launch to be a glitzy affair, you want it to mean something. When your vision is looking forward rather than behind, your PR approach and your firm can begin to flourish.

I hope you do not feel discouraged. You are asking questions about what you do, and you know that something is amiss. These are the first steps towards optimizing your approach.

In my book, I address what works in modern PR and social—and what doesn’t. Take a look inside, see what drives the industry today, and where it’s going [Link to book].

If you are looking for a tailored approach, one in-tune with who you and your clients are, let’s talk.

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