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#Resolve To Evolve: How being Personal About Business Can Help it Grow

Much like the plumber who never has time to fix the leaky faucets in his or her own house or the cobbler whose children are barefoot, public relations could do a much better job of promoting itself.

Sadly, there is a misunderstanding of public relations that keeps people from pursuing a career or using it to catalyze growth. This misunderstanding is rooted in “spin.” While there are unsavory firms, this is not the way reputable agencies operate nor is spin the purpose of PR. At its core, public relations is a way to bring important people and products to prominence. In #Resolve To Evolve: How being Personal About Business Can Help it Grow, Megan Driscoll dispels the rumors while codifying best practices.

“No one grows up wanting to be a public relations professional because, if we’re doing it right, no one realizes we’re there,” Driscoll says. “You never see the legs kicking furiously below the surface.”

Following her ascent to the top of her own agency, readers will learn the right way to choose clients, promote a message, hire the right people, and manage a new business. #Resolve To Evolve guides aspiring entrepreneurs using Driscoll’s real-world experience and relaying the lessons that landed her in the c-suite.

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